About ShipShape
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About ShipShape

ShipShape Personal Training and Nutrition was created by Bob Kinsella to encourage and support people to reach their health and fitness goals. Whether for sport-specific performance, general well-being or to increase your social mobility, our inclusive philosophy means our approach to helping you reach your objectives is appropriately personalised to your needs, lifestyle and level of fitness. In this way we can be confident you will reach your targets.

At ShipShape we use only published empirical evidence to guide our assertions. In this way you can be confident the advice you are given is relevant, up-to-date and peer-reviewed by qualified experts.


Bob Kinsella


Bob Kinsella is an endurance athlete, sport scientist and personal trainer with a passion for promoting health and fitness for all.

Having graduated with 1st class honours in Sport and Exercise Science and gaining research experience at the University of Kent, Bob is currently working towards a Master’s degree in optimal sports performance.

Bob specialises in physiological and health assessment but has a broad-base of knowledge across the sport science sub-disciplines of nutrition, skill acquisition and psychology. Bob’s research interests include performance cycling, respiratory physiology and reducing decompression events in SCUBA populations.

By empowering you with relevant knowledge and supporting you at every step, Bob will help you make the training and lifestyle changes that will achieve, and maintain, positive results, for good!

Academic Qualifications

  • Further Education Diploma in Health Studies
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Honours), Sport and Exercise Science – 1st class


Occupational Qualifications

  • Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Circuit Instructor Level 2
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor Level 2
  • Emergency First Response
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Nutrition Consultant Level 3
  • Weight Management Level 4